There are 21 typical cases of illegal environment in Hebei? Speed up the onlookers

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  • 2016-09-08 16:12:48

Recently, the environmental protection department of Hebei Province announced the investigation of 21 typical environmental illegal cases, including 5 cases of private dark pipes and seepage wells, 4 cases of illegal disposal of hazardous waste, 4 cases of abnormal operation of pollution prevention and control facilities and 4 cases of excess emission. Pollution, unauthorized construction and illegal production were 2, and 6 banned small businesses were banned.

1 discharge of private dark pipe and seepage hole (5)

1. (Xinji) secretly set up hidden pipes for stealing and discharging, and the sewage treatment plant is completely shut down.

Basic facts: in June this year, the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau and the Environmental Protection Bureau of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Investigation and investigation: the Xinji Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau has punished 100 thousand yuan (in place) for the illegal act of private dark pipe, and submitted an invitation to the municipal government to stop the production and regulation. The Xinji municipal public security bureau investigates and investigates the person in charge of the enterprise, and the Xinji government has accountability to the grid responsible persons. At present, the plant is totally shut down, and the underground pipe is being demolished according to the EIA requirements, and rectification is implemented.

2. (New River county) exceeded the standard waste water seepage pit, the electroplating factory completely dismantled.

Basic facts: in March of this year, the New River County Environmental Protection Bureau and the New River County Public Security Bureau found that the Xing Xuening electroplating factory ("fifteen small" of the state forbidden by the state) was privately built for the production of electroplating equipment, and the production wastewater was directly discharged into the local house of the factory area without treatment. Monitored by the environmental monitoring station of New River County, the concentration of pollutants in the wastewater exceeded the standard.

Investigation and treatment: New River County town government has demolished the electroplating factory in accordance with the law. New River County Public Security Bureau to administrative personnel involved in the detention of Xing Xuening.

3. (Xinji) underground pipe theft, the person in charge of the enterprise was detained.

Basic facts: in May 18th, the Xinji Environmental Protection Bureau received the masses to reflect that the city's industrial road was about 200 meters south, and there were traces of sewage in the south side of the well. After investigation, the hidden pipe was set up by the genuine leather tannery of Xinji city in the tannery industrial zone.

Investigate and deal with the situation: Xinji Environmental Protection Bureau ordered enterprises to stop environmental violations, illegal sewage enterprises responsible person has been detained by the Xinji Municipal Public Security Bureau.

4. (Jingxian County) production of waste liquid seepage wells, stealing and discharging, enterprises were placed on file for punishment.

Basic facts: in May 25th, the Jingxian County Environmental Protection Bureau, in conjunction with the relevant departments, found that the production wastewater of the factory was directly discharged into the internal seepage well in the factory area without treatment.

Investigation and investigation: the factory is ordered to stop the production immediately, dismantle the equipment, remove the raw materials and restore the landform, and punish the enterprise, and the public security organ has detained the representative of the enterprise as a legal person.

5. (Changli) "small electroplating" seepage pit discharge, arrested 5 directly responsible person.

Basic case: Changli Jinhua source wire Co., Ltd., without approval, unauthorized construction of the national forbidden "small electroplating". The cleaning liquid in the galvanizing process is directly discharged into the north side pit of the galvanizing workshop without any treatment.

Investigation and treatment: the main production equipment of the company was sealed up, and the public security department took administrative detention against 5 directly responsible persons involved in the case and filed administrative proceedings.

2 illegal disposal of hazardous wastes (4)

6. (Anping County) Hutuo River dumping waste liquid, Ministry of public security supervision

Basic case: in the early morning of March 26th, the masses reported that there was a tank truck in the south of Dahe Village Township in Anping County, where the unknown liquid was dumped in Hanoi. After investigation, this is an organized criminal gang. It is estimated that 8000 tons of waste liquid has been discharged into the Hutuo River.

Investigate and deal with the situation: through investigation, 3 suspects have been arrested and 2 car tankers have been detained. The case has been supervised by the Ministry of public security and the Provincial Public Security Bureau.

7. (Shenze county) illegally dumped dangerous waste, causing a mass coma.

Basic facts: in March 29th, the Shenze County Environmental Protection Bureau and the Public Security Bureau found that Shenze county Wang TIG and others through Jinzhou city Liu Xulei and other intermediaries, from Langfang Bazhou City, Shengfang town acid washing factory pull the waste acid, dumped to the Hutuo Hanoi; the Shenze County Lei ting and others from the Jinzhou city of Pang village illegal sale, transportation of hazardous waste, dumping, dumping Shenze county sewage pipe network, resulting in a mass coma.

Investigate and deal with the situation: through investigation, 3 suspects have been arrested, two self made tank cars have been seized, and more than 40 tons of waste acid have been seized. At present, 3 suspects have been arrested, and the judiciary is continuing to investigate.

8. (Hengshui Development Zone) the company did not regulate the disposal of hazardous waste and was fined 120 thousand yuan.

Basic facts: in May 28th, the Hengshui Municipal Bureau of Environmental Protection Development Zone Branch Survey of Henglin biological science and Technology Co., Ltd. found that the company's hazardous waste storage room, storage container and other hazardous waste identification marks are not set; unauthorized dumping of hazardous waste in the open air; and not to declare the exact quantity and transfer of the hazardous waste to the environmental protection department.

Investigation and punishment: the enterprise was ordered to make corrections to the decision on violation of the law and impose a fine of 120 thousand yuan. The case has been transferred to the public security sub Bureau of the Development Zone, and the relevant personnel are under control. At present, the illegal storage of hazardous waste by the enterprise has been handed over to the qualified unit for disposal.

9. (Linxi county) dumping toxic and hazardous waste water, suspects arrested

Basic case: in February of this year, Liu people in Guanxian, Shandong province transported 18 tons of production waste water to illegal dumping of South small river in Xiaotun village, Hexi Town, Linxi county. After monitoring the residual water samples in Linxi county environmental monitoring station, the total concentration of zinc is 1043mg/L, the total chromium content is 24.4mg/L, which is seriously exceeding the standard. It is determined as toxic and harmful wastewater containing heavy metals, and is suspected of environmental crime.

Investigation and treatment: Linxi County Public Security Bureau has arrested Liu, and Linxi County procuratorate has filed a public prosecution.

3 pollution control facilities are not functioning properly, and pollutants exceed the standard discharge category (4 cases).

10. (the seaport area in Qin City) sewage exceeded the standard discharge, and the enterprise was punished by the day.

Basic facts: in February 2016 and March, the national (Qinhuangdao) sewage treatment Co., Ltd. discharged sewage several times more than the national standard in the spot inspection action organized by the provincial environmental protection office.

Investigation and punishment: the factory has been ordered to correct the decision of violation of the law, the company must immediately stop the discharge of water pollutants, according to the new environmental law and the supporting environmental protection department in accordance with the daily continuous punishment measures, the enterprise shall be punished.