[special attention] the "two part electricity price new deal" has achieved initial success.

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  • 2016-09-08 16:12:48

Recently, reporters from China reform and reform network learned from the NDRC that the implementation of the new two part tariff policy has been effective for more than two months. In August, it can reduce user electricity expenditure by more than 1 billion yuan, and it is expected to reduce annual production cost by 15 billion yuan.

In June 30th this year, in order to support the transformation of enterprises, reduce the cost of electricity and reduce the cost of the real economy, the national development and Reform Commission has introduced the reform measures to improve the basic electricity price, and relax the policy conditions for the application of electricity enterprises to adjust the charging mode, reduce capacity and suspend the basic electricity price. The change cycle is changed from year to year to seasonal change, and the power users choose to charge the basic electricity fee according to the maximum demand. The maximum required change cycle of the approved value is changed from the current half a year to the monthly change, so that the power users can choose the most favorable charging mode according to the actual needs of the enterprise.

After the introduction of the policy, the local price authorities have formulated specific requirements for the implementation of the local realities and supervised the implementation of the new policy of two parts by the power grid enterprises through various channels, such as the power supply business hall, simplifying the suspension of the two parts electricity prices, reducing the capacity handling process, upgrading the meter reading and the cost system, and improving the quality and efficiency of the power supply service. Rate.

According to statistics, in August, the number of services for reducing, suspended and adjusting the basic electricity charge standards increased by about 5.7% in August. The volume of capacity reduction and the suspension of basic electricity prices increased by about 4600 thousand kV over the same period. In the same month, the electricity expenditure of users could be reduced by more than 1 billion yuan. With the gradual implementation of the policy, the volume of electricity users' active adjustment of the implementation of the two part tariff will be further increased. The improvement of the two part electricity price operation mode will reduce the effect of the electricity production cost of the production stop and half stop production enterprises, and the annual calculation is expected to reach 15 billion yuan.

The two part electricity price consists of the basic electricity price and the electricity price. The basic electricity price is the fixed cost of the power supply cost. It has no direct relation to the user's electricity or electricity at a certain time, but it is related to the user's electricity capacity or the maximum demand; the electricity price is the variable cost in the power supply cost, which is related to the quantity of electricity used by the users. How much money will be paid by how much electricity is paid.

The head of the electricity price department of the national development and Reform Commission's price department said that electricity can not be stored on a large scale at the speed of light in the power grid, and the power production must keep balance with the consumption of electricity, that is, "production" is determined by "consumption". When the power users consume the power, the power capacity is first occupied, such as the air conditioning needs 2 kilowatts of electricity, and the second is the use of electrical energy, such as the continuous use of electricity for 4 hours, and the use of 8 degrees of electricity. Therefore, the power system should not only provide electricity products, but also have enough power generation, transmission and distribution capacity, so as to ensure the power demand of all users.

"If the user's electrical capacity exceeds the generating capacity or the capacity of transmission and distribution, it will affect the normal operation of the power system and even lead to power failure. "The person in charge said that electricity consumption fluctuates very large, such as winter and summer season, peak period of electricity demand often reach the spring and autumn season, the period of the trough time or even more, and the power system must be built according to the maximum electricity demand, otherwise the power limit will appear in the peak period, so the users use electrical characteristics to the electricity. The economy of the force system has a great influence. In general, the smaller the power of the users, the higher the efficiency of the whole power system and the lower the average price of electricity in the case of equal consumption of electricity.

According to the introduction, the design of the two part electricity price is to encourage the users to reduce the occupancy of electricity as much as possible under the same electricity demand, and to stimulate the efficiency of the efficiency of the power system, transmission, distribution and use, so it has been widely used in the world. The United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, the European Union and other major developed countries, as well as China's Hongkong and Taiwan regions, have implemented the two part tariff.

The data show that at present, the two electricity prices in China are mainly suitable for large industrial users with capacity more than 315 thousand volt amperes, and the proportion of basic electricity to industrial users is about 15%. The scope and proportion of foreign two part tariff are higher than that of China, and the basic electricity charge accounts for 30%~40% of the total electricity charges of industrial users.

It is reported that the next step, with the continuous promotion of the reform of the power system, the two - Part price policy will continue to improve and refine, to better play a fair burden and to promote the role of reasonable electricity, reduce the cost of the real economy, and help the structural reform of the supply side.

Original title: [special attention] the "two part tariff New Deal" has achieved initial success.