The company produces electric power products: aluminum, copper, aluminum, aluminum alloy, insulation, forging, cast iron, iron and so on. At present, there are more than 1000 varieties in more than 90 series, and the annual production capacity can reach about 30000000.

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Xinjiang: the establishment of a joint-stock electric power trading center

In September 7th, the national development and Reform Commission (NDRC) posted a message that the national development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and the State Energy Administration officially approved the the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region electric power system reform pilot project (hereinafter referred to as "the program"), and agreed to carry out a comprehensive pilot project for the reform of the power system in Xinjiang. Reporter from the autonomous region development and Reform Commission and the national network Xinjiang electric power company to understand that Xinjiang will be according to the "program" requirements, according to the market configuration, government regulation, safety and reliability, improve efficiency, market competition, guarantee the people's livelihood, the festival...

Product Knowledge - 2016-9-8

Fujian Energy Regulatory Office actively promotes the pilot reform of Fujian electric power side

Recently, the State Development and Reform Commission and the State Energy Bureau issued a "reply to the pilot of the electricity side reform in Fujian province", which formally approved the "pilot program for the reform of the electric side of the Fujian province". In September 6th, the Fujian energy regulatory office took active action and organized a special meeting on the implementation of the "reply to the pilot of the electricity side reform in Fujian province", organized a special meeting, arranged and deployed the pilot related work, and promoted the implementation of the experiment on the reform of the electric side of the province. Leading and responsible comrades of all places.

Product Knowledge - 2016-9-8

There are 21 typical cases of illegal environment in Hebei? Speed up the onlookers

Recently, the environmental protection department of Hebei Province announced the investigation of 21 typical environmental illegal cases, including 5 cases of private dark pipes and seepage wells, 4 cases of illegal disposal of hazardous waste, 4 cases of abnormal operation of pollution prevention and control facilities and 4 cases of excess emission. Pollution, unauthorized construction and illegal production were 2, and 6 banned small businesses were banned. 1 private dark pipe, pit and seepage well discharge category (5) 1...

Product Knowledge - 2016-9-8

What is the impact of the G20 Summit on the cable industry? What kind of market growth does it reflect?

In September 3, 2016, the eleventh summit of G20 was held in Hangzhou, China. On November 16, 2015, President Xi Jinping attended the G20 summit in Turkey and made a speech, announcing that China will hold the eleventh summit of the group of twenty leaders in Hangzhou on the -5 day of September 4, 2016. The theme of the summit was identified as "building a world economy with innovation, vitality, interaction and inclusiveness". The Internet has been popular recently.

Industry Dynamics - 2016-9-8

[special attention] the "two part electricity price new deal" has achieved initial success.

Recently, reporters from China reform and reform network learned from the NDRC that the implementation of the new two part tariff policy has been effective for more than two months. In August, it can reduce user electricity expenditure by more than 1 billion yuan, and it is expected to reduce annual production cost by 15 billion yuan. In June 30th this year, in order to support the transformation of enterprises, reduce the electricity cost of enterprises that stop production and half stop production, and reduce the operation cost of the real economy, the national development and Reform Commission issued the end.

Industry Dynamics - 2016-9-8

Uncovering the core technology of Maxwell supercapacitor

With the rapid development of new energy technology, the technology of lithium battery, fuel cell and other related products has attracted much attention, and the supercapacitor, as a energy storage device, may not be well known to the public. Because of the characteristics of short charging time, long service life, good temperature characteristics, energy saving and green environmental protection, supercapacitors have been widely recognized by the industry, and the industry is growing rapidly. It is widely used for public transportation, power grids, and many industrial applications.

Industry Dynamics - 2016-9-8